Elderberry Syrup Recipe & Tea

Autumn and Winter are tough times of the year for coming down with the dreaded cold or flu! Elderberries are renowned for their powerful anti-oxidant properties and studies have shown that consuming elderberry syrups and tinctures can have an amazing effect on our immune system and can lessen the duration of a cold or the flu. … Continue reading Elderberry Syrup Recipe & Tea

Back To School with Chamomile

The Scented Gypsy

 It’s that time of year once again! Children are returning to school after a long Summer break and it can be hard to settle back into a ‘normal’ school routine for some.

If your child is struggling to sleep or is feeling a little anxious about returning to school, chamomile may be able to help. Chamomile hydrosol is incredibly gentle and safe to use with children of all ages, including babies. It has a wonderful calming effect and the aroma should be sweet and apple like, although sometimes it may have a more ‘grassy’ aroma.

To use, spray around the bedroom, on the bed sheets and on your child to help calm and ease into a restful sleep. You may also use some dried chamomile in a sachet and place under the pillow. On a cotton handkerchief, you can place a drop or two of Roman Chamomile essential oil…

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How To Purchase Essential Oils Part 2: Which Oils & Dilutions

So you may be asking yourself "which essential oils should I start with?"  Here are 3 essential oils that I like to always have handy. Everyone has their own preferences and as you become more familiar with using essential oils, you will know which ones you prefer to have. Lavender. I love lavender for many … Continue reading How To Purchase Essential Oils Part 2: Which Oils & Dilutions

How To Purchase Essential Oils Part 1

Sometimes the world of aromatherapy can be somewhat of a minefield, especially when you are just starting out! Where does one start? What do you look for when purchasing an essential oil? How much should you pay? Which companies are reputable? Which oils should I try first? Oh so many questions - it can be … Continue reading How To Purchase Essential Oils Part 1

Seasonal Allergies Part 2: Treatment

So, you have tried your best to use the preventative measures to fight your seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, you are experiencing those pesky symptoms! Well don't despair, there may still be hope to help relieve your symptoms without the use of over the counter medications. Let's take a look at the different symptoms and how essential … Continue reading Seasonal Allergies Part 2: Treatment